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BWC Kidi 7'' Tablet - Review

Christmas is coming up, and lots of kids are wanting a tablet to play with in the car, at home, or wherever. But, the bad thing is, that all tablets are nearly £200. Aren’t they? I thought so… until I found the BWC Kidi-7! The Kidi-7 is a budget tablet priced at only £49.99 from BWC Devices. This is a tablet made for the upcoming Christmas market and ideal for children, and a solid competitor to the new Tesco Hudl and Argos MyTablets. Before the review, a big thank-you goes out to Roger from BWC Devices for helping me out by sending out this tablet for reviewing purposes. Now let’s get on with it!


First things first; let’s discuss design. The Kidi-7 Tablet is a pretty good size; it weighs only 621 grams and is 4.6cm thin. The screen is 7 inches and has an HD resolution of 1024x600. This sounds like a great screen, but it really isn’t too spectacular. The viewing angle is pretty narrow, and in order to see it correctly you have to hold it at a very slight (but awkward) angle. But, if you could manage to find the correct angle, it wasn’t too bad to look at; it’s just fine for the occasional user. It is also made of a material that I wasn’t used to, making it a bit hard to slide my finger on it and picking up fingerprints too easily along the way. The back of the tablet is pretty interesting; it has a texture that looks like the linen from Apple’s iOS 6. The Kidi-7 also has several buttons and ports along the top, including: the power button, the volume rocker, a Mini HDMI port, a headphone jack, a Micro USB port for charging, and a Micro-SD card slot. Beneath this we have the 2 megapixel camera (plus another .3 megapixel camera on the front) and a little further down is the small speaker. It feels pretty nice when you’re holding it, and adds a little grip. The Micro-USB cable as well as a USB to AC adapter and a few other country adapters (UK/EU/US) are included with the tablet, so you won’t need to go out and buy any charging accessories. As expected, the Mini HDMI port is for projecting the tablet’s screen on to a monitor or television, and the SD card slot is for expanding the tablet’s storage up to 32 gigabytes. In my opinion, the camera was not very good; it is comparable to an older cell phone camera. Lastly (for the design section) is build quality. The Kidi-7 seems somewhat durable, but I still think that a decently far drop would crack the screen. One of the major issues I noticed was that the glass is not fastened securely to the body of the tablet; it would rise up sometimes and I had to push it back down into the body. This wasn’t a huge deal, and didn’t cause any functionality issues, it was just something worth mentioning.


Now that I’ve covered the design/build quality, I can move on to the usage of the Kidi-7. This particular tablet runs a clean version of Android 4.2 Jellybean - no bloat-ware or other intrusions. Boasting a dual-core processor, the tablet is pretty fast; except for the boot-up times. The tablet will boot up in about 45 seconds, which is pretty long but isn’t too bad. Once its loaded up, you can use the built-in Wifi connectivity to watch movies, download games, and more! With the ability to connect to the Google Play store, you have over one million games and other apps to pick from and download onto the tablet. I downloaded the popular “Angry Birds” game, and the game performance was flawless. No lagging or anything of that sort; just the minor screen angle issues were affecting the gameplay. The game also played the sounds pretty well, but it isn’t a high-dollar speaker we have here. However, it works pretty well for what it’s meant for - occasional game sounds or music/movie playing. Typing anything on the Kidi-7 isn’t a pleasant experience; the not-so-comfortable screen combined with the smaller screen size didn’t allow for very nice typing. But that isn’t necessarily an issue with just this tablet; most 7-inch tablets have some sort of typing issue. That being said, doing some web browsing or quick emailing/tweeting/etc wasn’t too bad.


Overall, I think I would recommend the tablet for some people. If you just want a cheap on-the-go tablet for occasional browsing, tweeting, or music/gaming/movies, I think this will be a pretty nice option. However, if you want to do more with your tablet, such as more intense gaming, typing, watching lots of movies and music, etc., I would actually recommend picking up a slightly more expensive option such as one of the Nexus tablet, a Galaxy Tab, or an iPad Mini.


You can purchase the BWC Kidi-7 tablet from: 


or MobiCity:


If you decide to pick up this tablet, or have any other comments, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Keyboard


The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 is Razer’s top of  range gaming keyboard. Retailing for just over £100/$140. It uses MX Cherry Brown istead of Red or Blue and gives nice tactile feedback. This keyboard unlike the regular blackwidow is backlit. It gives off a nice green colour which makes the keyboard a lot better for night-time gaming!


The Pro’s of this keyboard are that the mechanical switches provide audio and tactile feedback & it is also backlit so provides a nice lighting for day and night use.


The cons of this keyboard are the font on the keyboard is a little hard to read and there is also no backlit customization.


Overall the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 is a solid mechanical gaming keyboard, it does have a few issues but overall it is a great keyboard! We would give this keyboard 8.5/10 and highly recommend it, if you are after a premium gaming keyboard. It is definitely worth the additional £10 over the regular blackwidow as you do get a lot of cool additional features.


Be sure to check out the unboxing of this keyboard -


By Finley McGregor – (Founder & Writer)


- Twitter: @finmcgregor

Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse - Review

Razer is a well known gaming brand. We are lucky enough to get our hands on with the Razer Taipan. This has a 8200 dpi 4G dual sensor making it one of the most accurate gaming mice out there. As will most Razer products it has LED lighting on the product. The tapai has Green LEDs on the wheel, also along the sites and of course showing the actual Razer logo. The buttons are very sensitive to touch and click with barely any pressure. It works with both PC/Mac but works best with a pc. As it says on the box, ‘‘For Gamers. By Gamers’’. This was designed by many gamers to help get the best quality mouse for us; the public.

The mouse has a 7 foot braided cable, 9 programmable buttons, rubber on the side to place your thumb and a huge variety of other things! After using it for just over a week or so I have noticed that it is amazingly light weight & accurate. I used it mainly with my iMac and it performed amazingly. It felt rather weird at first having such a touch sensitive mouse but after a while I started to love it! As this uses lasers, it is very accurate and amazing for online games with your friends etc. It has a little bit of grip on the bottom of the mouse but not enough that it doesn’t move quickly and freely. I found that as I was mainly using it with my iMac that I only used the 3 buttons (2 clickers left & right & scroll wheel) but on my pc I was using pretty much all of the buttons to control it. I think even though this works with mac it was mainly made for PC users and gamers. I have no problem with that at all! In the box itself you get: the mouse, 2 razer stickers, instructions & warranty literature. The box itself it very awesome as you can have a sneek peak at your mouse through at transparent plastic pane.


Overall it feels amazing in your hand! It is very touch sensitive an accurate. I love the LEDs on the mouse and also the buttons. It works with PC/Mac but is mainly optomized for PC gamers. It comes with a 2 year warranty and also the honour of saying, ‘’I have a Razer mouse’’. It is very good for online games and is a great way to win! I think i will give this mouse a good 9/10 as I love the design, the build quality & everything else between!

By Finley McGregor -

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Tissot T-Touch Expert - Review!


Today we have the Tissot T-Touch expert for review! Tissot are a very famous watch company originating from Switzerland.


The watch we have here is called the T-Touch expert. The watch is like an ordinary watch but with a twist. The watch is touch sensitive meaning if you touch the screen/clock face it does different things. For example if you touch the screen at 6 it will become a compass and the hands mechanically love to north! If you press 9 it becomes a stop clock etc. This is incredible! It has the normal watch with a carbon fibre looking back and also a small screen with the seconds number on it which also acts as the stop watch when needed.


To stop the watch from doing this you have to hold down the centre button on the side. This stops the functions. The watch itself has a rubber band for your wrist which is adjustable. It fits brilliantly on most wrists. The watch body itself is rather thick as it is an normal watch but then has the electronics in it. It also is a little heavy on your wrist but you can easily get used to it after a while.


A lot of people (friends or other) came up to me and asked what watch it was as it does get a lot of attention as it stands out! The watch is bright orange contrasting with the silver & carbon fiber looking face. it is incredible! It retails for around £555. It is rather expensive but for the features and styling it would be silly not to get!


The watch comes in a few colours and has different variations. You can get Orange, Black, leather or silver. You can also get a solar model which is powered from the sunlight. It is very durable and so far hasn’t got any scratches on it what so ever! 


Overall I think this watch is one of a kind! It is one of the only touch watches I know out there and is made by a trusted manufacturer. The only thing that let it down was that it was rather heavy on your wrist. You do get used to it though. I would give the watch easily a 10/10 for build quality, styling & just the fact it is touch screen! Lets hope that Apple take hints from Tissot when making the supposed iWatch!



By Finley McGregor -


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